Shatatantri Media

Shatatantri Media is a Music, Dance and Yoga academy that has classes designed for beginners as well as advanced level students. We offer classes that prepares students for the Indian Classical Music and Dance Certification examinations. Shatatantri Media is affiliated with Gandharva Mahavidyalaya of Pune India and is their certified examination center here in the east bay in northern California.

We have the best faculty there is to offer in the Bay area. Our teachers are highly talented and dedicated to our music and dances.

We Charge Monthly based Fees and contact us for more details specific to your class.

The classes are One hour / One specific Day once a week.


Shatatantri History

Shatatantri Media LLC was founded in October 2006 by Madan Oak and his wife Madhavi Oak and now immensely helped by their daughter Devika Oak. Their original vision was to start off a digital media distribution “Label” company. As the time has passed, it has now diversified itself into an institution that directly involves in providing education in Indian classical music, Dance, Vocals as such. Classes are held on regular basis where students learn subjects such as Tabla, Santoor, Vocals, Dance and Yoga ¬†from qualified instructors.

This venture would not have been possible without greatest support and encouragement from friends, well-wishers, family members and most importantly the students and their parents.

Vocal Classes : Madan Oak Santoor Classes : Madan Oak Tabla classes : Vishal Mathur

Madan ji has been teaching Indian Classical Vocals for past 10 years, He has learnt vocals from the legendary Pt Gangadharbua Pimpalkhare ji from Pune. He teaches vocals on Wednesdays and Sunday afternoon.

For more information please contact Madan Oak at madanoak@aol.com

Santoor classes are held in person or over skype each Sundays and over skype on Wednesdays.

For more information please contact Madan Oak at madanoak@aol.com

Vishal Mathur

Tabla 1 - Vishal Mathur (Sunday 09 am to 10 am)
Tabla 2 - Vishal Mathur (Sunday 10 am to 11 am)
Tabla 3 - Vishal Mathur (Sunday 11 am to 12 pm)
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